Past the Pox Eclipse

by Chelonaut

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An EP that focuses on life post apocalypse. Includes a chiptune remix of one song, as well as the "unpluggined" mixes.


released January 17, 2015

All music arranged and performed by Adicus Ryan Garton


I can taste death on the tip of my tongue
In my mind it tastes like strawberry bubblegum
I don't remember falling asleep at midnight
Any last words?

Better, I know what I am now

I can't help it if the magnets are my friends
Dogs won't even meet my eye
They took everything but my heart
Fuck it, you can have my heart

Better, I know what I am now

What else could I be but machine?


Music and lyrics by Adicus, Alex Miller and Brian Worley

Time past count, I tell the tale
First tracker I be, this here's my Yell
Behind us now, long haul from the sands
From the end that were the start
To the crash that were the land

Remember this

May God have mercy on our souls
May God have mercy on us all

Remember this
One of us will come for you

Mr. Dead's on our back, and the wind's up our arse
Past the Pox-Eclipse, highscrapers and cars
Captain took us to the air, said bidey-bye to home
To everything we was and everything we known

Remember this

Remember this, remember this
River of lights and turbulence
Remember this

Captain Walker said ...

This EP recorded and mixed in Rovaniemi, Finland, using Reaper 4, Alesis drums, Epiphone guitars, Line6 modelling, Kustom amps and Ensoniq synthesizers. 8-bit sounds by Tweakbench.

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Chelonaut Rovaniemi, Finland

"My God, it's full of elephants."

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