Unplugged in Lapland

by Chelonaut

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released November 1, 2014

Recorded live at the Korundi House of Culture in Rovaniemi, Finland
Mixed and produced in the Egg Room
Oct. 31, 2014

Comments, questions and right-wing rants to be directed to: rabies.kills@gmail.com. You can give your 2 minutes hate at academersatz.tumblr.com. For more rats to the face, check out chelonaut.bandcamp.com/releases.




Chelonaut Rovaniemi, Finland

"My God, it's full of elephants."

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Track Name: double plus ungood

She's beautiful, the future is hers
And we are the dead, we're dead

Do it to Julia
Rip her face off first

How can she make a song
Written by machines sound so beautiful

Two plus two is five
Two plus two is four
Two plus two is three
The only way to peace is through war

Do it to Julia
Rip her fucking face off first
Track Name: Iron & Steel

It's tough sometimes to be an Irons man
Walking through the bad patches, hammer in hand
Gunshot echoes are all I hear
Lower your eyes, all I see is fear

And I never claimed to be your Superman

My grandpappy, he had it simple man
Fought that goddamn steam machine, hammer in hand
In the good old days, before Big Blue was in baby blue
Before the power of God was in the hands of a few

Forget the power, forget the glamour
I wanna be your sledgehammer
Why don't you call my name?
Let me be your sledgehammer
This will be my testimony

Above our heads, looking down
They might as well be wearing crowns
Always sneering, looking in disgust
And we are afraid, surrounded by distrust
I found the fire, took to the sky
Can you imagine what it means not to fly
For those at the bottom, for those he saved
Superman's moving
He's rolling in his grave

I never claimed to be your Superman
Track Name: Shatter the Sky

Breakdown, chipped away for days
Stay sane, it's all anyone can ever take

Shadows, arrows

Break the earth, shatter the sky
Betrayed by hope, you promised I could die
Try to drown, wade into the sea
Grab my cage and shook until someone
Showed me the key

Shadows, and serial killers
Windows, there's broken glass everywhere
Shallows, the river is always near
Barrows, maidens beware

Stuffed in a box
Nothing to do but reflect
Searching for knots
Allow me to interject

Wresting control, and we're all just threads
Spun and woven through
Plunge into decay, and wait around in the dark
I spoke too soon

Ladders, and lads not yet men
Shadows, and shade's not gonna win
Hallowed, my name across time
Gallows, you promised I could die

You promised I could die
Track Name: Sleepwalking

Head hangs low, you can sleep when you're dead
Headlines walk the streets, Mr. Monday overhead
Breath of life leaks out, like a cloud, a flock of sheep
Taxman in my dreams, am I awake, am I asleep?

Mother's eyes, Atlantic blue
Forgot how to spell my name, and I forgot yours too
Don't leave me here, I don't wanna die alone
The stars all get the joke, but me, I still don't know

Hungry now, rats gnawing in my guts
I try to close my eyes, but my goddamn eyes won't shut
Quiet as the grave, blood like tigers in my ears
Broken ballerinas, is that wine, are those tears?

I'm afraid of the dark, and Mr. Monday's gone away
I try to remember the questions, the ones I'm supposed to say
Inferno in my guts, bubbling up, one last scream
There's no more sand in me, nothing left but dreams

Get up
Walking in my sleep